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It will be easier to install photovoltaic panels

On January 1st 2022, a law introduced new facilities and appropriate forms of operational support for all subsidized energy sources in the period 2022-2030. The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade decided to implement these supports by auctions for these categories: biogas plants with a capacity of up to 5 MWe, hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of up to 7 MWe, and wind farms with a capacity of up to 30 MWe.

If this is successful, the Czech Republic will be able to produce up to 42 MW of renewable energy from new or modernised systems, contributing to the de-carbonization of the energy industry and more independence from Russian gas.

In addition, the Ministry of Local Development plans to simplify the installation of photovoltaic panels. This involves allowing panels of up to 50 KW to be installed without a licence, and the paperwork procedure will be simplified and speeded up. This is to solve the energy crisis caused by the current war: to build photovoltaic panels wherever it is convenient, both in urban and suburban centres. In the case of building renovation, where the installation of a renewable energy source will be part of it, the aesthetic condition of the building will not be assessed, as this is subjective.
In the meanwhile, the Ministry of Regional Development is preparing comprehensive methodological support for the placement, authorisation and approval of renewable energy sources.

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