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Most companies in the Czech Republic will focus on technological innovations

The National Centre for Industry 4.0, on the basis of data obtained during 237 interviews with key representatives of selected companies in the Czech industry, states that about half of the industries in the Czech Republic intend to increase their investments in new technologies. In particular, half of the industrial companies (49%) confirmed that they will invest an average of 15% more in new technologies this year. On the other hand, 20% of the enterprises consider a decrease in investments, which will roughly correspond to 23%. As for small and medium-sized companies, at 59%, they are ready to invest more than the 40% of large companies.
Currently, companies see the greatest advantages in the use of big data analysis, 3D printing and the use of robots in production. Tools for communicating with customers remotely, those for rationalizing the layout of warehouses and production areas, as well as technologies for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption, are among the most prominent technological innovations.

Although this could lead to a decrease in the initial profitability of some Czech industries, they are nevertheless aware of the importance of investing in order to increase competitiveness, despite the not too favourable period in the market:  “Investments that make sense and have a clear return must be made at all times. The most successful companies invest more in times of crisis, which gives them an advantage over their competitors in the form of better technology, more modern equipment or more efficient production processes.” says Jaroslav Řasa, owner of ABRA Software, the Czech market leader in digital software. We live in difficult times, first the pandemic and then the war shook the world order and companies had to adapt and react quickly accordingly; through more digitized production, they could make faster and more calculated decisions and change production plans or the general organization of the company in a more flexible way. “We are probably on the brink of one of the most significant and massive crises we have experienced worldwide in recent decades. The covid-19 pandemic, which paved the way for this crisis, has already proven that digitization is the winner of this period. It is one of the tools that can mitigate the effects of crises.” says Jaroslav Liskovec, Director of the National Centre for Industry 4.0 .


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