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There are nearly 6,000 Italians living in the Czech Republic, and 20 percent are doing business

The exact number of Italians residing in the Czech Republic was 5.850 at the end of 2021 (data from the Czech Statistical Office). The Italian community is thus larger than the French, Spanish, or Austrian communities, which together account for 6 percent of the total population, numbering 659.000 foreigners. A large proportion of Italians (more than 1.200 have a permit for entrepreneurial activity) are engaged in small business, the other 5.000 are employed.

Regarding the creation of new businesses, a law bill has been approved in the Senate that amends some rules on the use of digital tools and procedures in the ordering of business companies and the operation of public registries, with the aim of simplifying the incorporation and registration of a corporation. According to the government, doing so should reduce the time and costs associated with establishing companies or setting up branches not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other EU member states. Company representatives will then not have to report to any public authorities.

In addition, the amount of free data on European corporations will be expanded and the way of information exchange improved. It is sufficient to submit documents to the authorities of any member state. It also introduces a registry of non-compliant persons who do not meet the conditions.

Amendments to these rules will have to be signed by the President of the Republic.

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