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In 2021 the Agency for Enterprise and Innovation (API), an intermediate body of the Operational Program for Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OP PIK) processed over 3.2 thousand payment applications in grant projects and disbursed over 10 billion crowns from European funds.

The program expects to disburse at least another 12 billion crowns of funding in 2022.
But how were these loans invested? About a quarter of the resources financed innovation projects for products, services and production processes. Another 2 billion were instead disbursed by the Aplikace tenders in support of industrial research. The third highest figure, on the other hand, was allocated to energy-saving projects.
The novelty for this year was the “Call for Tornado” program in Real Estate in response to the damage caused by the tornado in South Moravia. The API accepted applications within it from August 16 until the end of the year. 500 million crowns have been prepared to help entrepreneurs in the affected areas. Beyond 16 applications were submitted for grants worth almost SEK 260 million. Over 17 million crowns have already been paid in approved projects.

Lukáš Vymětal, the CEO of the Agency for Enterprises and Innovations, which is the body that manages the European funds for companies from an administrative point of view, said “We are preparing for the launch of the new Operational Program Technologies and Applications for Competitiveness (OP TAK) “
Over 81 billion crowns will be available to finance projects in support of research and innovation (31 billion) and support for the transition to the green economy (29 billion).
API has its offices in all regional cities of the Czech Republic, those interested in the subsidies of the OP PIK can consult their projects there. Information can also be obtained by telephone or email via toll-free 800 800 777. All services provided by the API to grant applicants are free.
The first calls could start as early as spring 2022.



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