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We can finally say goodbye to facemasks

The Czech Republic says goodbye to masks after 2 years of pandemic: from Monday 14/03 the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask in practically all public places lapses.

Restaurants, shops, offices: finally it will be possible to access these places without the obligation of the FFP2 mask, which however will remain mandatory in public transport, in taxis and in some social and health facilities. This is what the government has decided, which is ready to permanently lift all restrictions in April, if the pandemic situation continues with its positive evolution.

Health Minister Vlastimil Válek promised his citizens, therefore, a “normal Easter”.

In recent months, the government has embarked on a 360-degree “normalization” process, canceling practically all types of restrictions and limitations that had been introduced to deal with the spread of Covid-19. However, some obligations remain for returns from abroad, since travelers are still required to fill out the passenger form. In addition to the form, those arriving from abroad will be required to demonstrate their immunity through the vaccination certificate, a negative test or by demonstrating that they have been cured of Covid-19 for a maximum of 180 days. However, there are exceptions to these rules, for example for Czech passengers traveling on individual means of transport.

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