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Natural gas prices of major Czech market suppliers fall

Pražská plynárenská reduces natural gas prices by an average of 16%

As of 1 September, Pražská plynárenská, one of the country’s largest suppliers with approximately 425.000 consumption points for energy, natural gas and electricity, reduced the sales prices of natural gas for the Standard List and related products. This is the third decrease in gas prices this year with an average price reduction of 16 %. Specifically, the new price for one MWh of gas included in the Basic Standard Price List, which is not fixed, is CZK 1550, representing a reduction of CZK 300, according to the new price lists published on the supplier’s website. Clearly, other fees, such as IVA (21 %), a fixed monthly payment or distribution fees, must be added to the final price for the customer. In addition, the company stated in a press release that, as of today, it has no domestic customers whose prices are above the ceiling set by the government, that is  2,500 CZK /MWh, and looking at the price lists, Pražská plynárenská natural gas costs up to 44% less than the maximum price set by the government ( 5000 CZK/MWh without IVA in the case of electricity and 2500 CZK/MWh without IVA in the case of natural gas).


Ludvík Baleka, the new chairman of the Pražská plynárenská board of directors, said that through this additional discount, households in a flat that use natural gas for cooking and water heating, with a consumption of four MWh per year, will save around 1,450 crowns per year compared to the company’s previous price list.  At the same time, households in a flat that use gas for cooking, water heating and heating will save around 4,000 crowns per year.

“As an energy supplier in the capital Prague, we consider it a priority to pass on the positive developments on the wholesale markets to our customers as quickly as possible. This year we are reducing the price of gas for the third time and have also prepared new tariff products for customers, which are now available to them. In terms of the price of natural gas supplied, they therefore have a relatively wide choice of different options depending on their preferences”, Ludvík Baleka concluded.

Almost all suppliers lowered their prices

In recent weeks, other major suppliers on the Czech market have also announced price cuts. The company Innogy Energy, with 1.15 million consumption points is the largest gas supplier on the Czech market, will reduce its gas price by around 18 % below the current state ceiling as of October. As Innogy Energy further specified in the press release, the discount applies to customers with a regular contract without fixed-term agreements.

In recent days, Moravské naftové doly (MND) also introduced to new and existing customers the possibility of securing fixed gas and electricity prices until mid-2025 with a fixed price 36% below the government cap for gas and 24% below the government cap for electricity.  A few weeks earlier, Pražská energetika (PRE) also announced a significant reduction in electricity and natural gas prices for households. Finally, E.ON announced a 16% discount on gas from September for its customers who do not have a fixed price.

With regard to permanent regular contracts, only ČEZ Prodej and Lama Energy remain above the government price cap among the most important suppliers.


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