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Legal advice Prague

Legal and corporate consultancy area

The S&P staff directly and with the help of qualified professionals, offers complete assistance for corporate and administrative practices.</p><ul><li>Practices at the company register</li><li>constitution and liquidation of companies</li><li>mergers and acquisitions</li><li>practices with local administrations</li><li>temporary and long-term residence permits

Corporate Consulting Prague

Attention to detail

The areas of specialization of the Legal and Corporate Consulting Area include civil, commercial and corporate law. The company offers consultancy and assistance both in the judicial field, such as in civil and commercial cases and in arbitrations, and in the extrajudicial field, such as in extraordinary transactions and mergers and acquisitions. The team of professionals at Savino & Partners as guarantees maximum professionalism and competence in every phase of the transaction, from the preliminary phase to the conclusion of the deal.

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Consulting Company Prague

Furthermore, the Legal and Corporate Consulting Area also deals with Corporate Governance and consultancy in generational transitions.


The team of experts assists companies in defining their decision-making and internal control processes, helping them achieve greater efficiency and transparency. In particular, Savino & Partners as offers consultancy for corporate succession planning, supporting companies in managing the generational transition and business continuity.

Finally, the Legal and Corporate Consulting Area of Savino & Partners as provides consultancy in various legal areas, such as labor law, real estate law, international law and administrative law.

In particular, the team of professionals offers legal advice to companies in matters of employment law, addressing issues such as the drafting of employment contracts, management of employee relations and dispute resolution.

Furthermore, Savino & Partners as offers assistance to companies in the field of real estate law, from the purchase and sale of properties to their management and valorisation, through the definition of rental contracts and assistance in resolving property-related disputes.

Due Diligence

We carry out due diligence and appraisals aimed at operations such as M&A and company sale.

Licenses and authorizations and residence permits

The staff supports companies, administrators and workers who need to be authorized or registered to carry out entrepreneurial activities.

Self-employed workers

We support the self-employed worker in all tax, social security and administrative obligations.

Civil, commercial and corporate law

Savino & Partners responds with the best professional solutions in the legal, commercial and corporate fields.

Corporate Governance

We provide members and administrators with assistance in corporate compliance, supporting them in all obligations and good practices.

Other legal areas

We provide assistance relating to employment law, real estate and administrative law to self-employed workers, managers and administrators.

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