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Artwork consultancy

Consultancy on works of art

Savino & Partners as offers a wide range of high quality services dedicated to clients who want to invest in works of art or need professional advice on such investments.</p><p>Relationships with numerous experts allow S&P to be able to support enthusiasts, collectors and traders in the evaluation and management of investments.

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Artwork consultancy

Attention to detail

Estimates and appraisals are another service offered by the Consulting Services Area on works of art. The team of experts provides precise and reliable assessments to guarantee a correct evaluation of investments in works of art, both for individuals and for companies.

Logistics consultancy is a highly specialized and professional service that offers preparation of archives of works, the preparation of documents for the import-export of works of art, as well as the management of all logistical aspects relating to the transport of works of art in a safe and protected manner.

  • Estimates and appraisals
  • Contractual matters
  • Logistics
  • Assessment of fiscal impacts
  • Exhibition or storage of the works

Artwork consultancy

Organizing events and exhibitions is another area of specialization of the Art Consulting Services Area of Savino & Partners as

Thanks to the collaboration with the most prestigious cultural institutes, external consultants organize exhibitions, events, personal and collective exhibitions, taking care of all aspects relating to the promotion and communication of the event.

Retrieving the vault is a service offered by the Savino & Artworks Consultancy Services Area. Partners as. Thanks to the collaboration with the best banks and custodian institutions, external consultants provide security solutions for the custody of works of art.

Finding exhibition spaces is the latest service offered by the Savino & Art Works Consultancy Services Area. Partners as. Thanks to the collaboration with the best galleries, museums and cultural institutes, external consultants provide solutions for the display of works of art, guaranteeing maximum visibility and promotion of investments.

Savino & Partners as presents itself as a reliable and competent partner for all those who wish to invest in and enhance the artistic and cultural heritage, offering a personalized service tailored to the needs of each client.

Artistic and legal consultancy

Savino & Partners offers artistic and legal consultancy for purchase operations, valorisation, investment evaluation and feasibility studies, to help clients manage their investments in the art sector efficiently and in compliance with the law.

Estimates and appraisals

Savino & Partners can provide expertise upon request to investors to help evaluate and determine the value of works of art and collections.

Logistics consultancy

Savino & Partners can assist in the preparation of archives for works of art and in the preparation of the necessary documents for import-export of works of art, to ensure efficient and legally compliant logistics management.

Organization of events and exhibitions

Savino & Partners can organize events and exhibitions to promote clients’ artworks and increase their visibility.

Vault finding

Savino & Partners can help clients find a vault to store their artwork properly and safely.

Finding exhibition spaces

Savino & Partners can help clients find suitable exhibition spaces to promote their artworks and increase their visibility.

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