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Management and Financial Consulting

Information and Update Area

S&P is constantly engaged in research and dissemination of the most important economic and social news, with particular reference to legislative news.

Financial advice

Attention to details

A staff dedicated to the search for useful information for customers and investors in understanding the country has recently been set up. Dissemination takes place through the news page and the main social networks.


Management and Financial Consulting

Savino & Partners: a reliable guide in the management and financial landscape

In the current economic environment, characterized by rapid change and inherent complexity, it is essential for companies to have reliable allies who can provide clear and competent guidance. Savino & Partners (S&P) positions itself as a lighthouse in the tumultuous sea of finance and corporate management, offering a range of services that extend from financial consultancy to training, from research to market analysis.

One of the distinctive aspects of S&P is its ability to always stay up to date on industry news. Through a monthly newsletter, the company ensures that its customers are always up to date with the latest news and emerging trends. This direct communication not only keeps customers informed, but also strengthens the bond of trust between them and the company, creating a relationship based on transparency and constant updating.

Newsletter mensile

Ogni mese, i clienti che lo desiderano, ricevono via mail un breve report sulle novità rilevanti.

Social Networks

S&P has dedicated pages on social networks through which we transmit the main information.

Training and Research

S&P participates in European Union projects aimed at students and workers in collaboration with universities and training institutions.

Grants and financing

Savino & Partners can assist clients in seeking and obtaining grants and financing provided by the European Union.

Market research

Savino & Partners offers market analysis and research services, including the execution of specific studies, to help clients evaluate business opportunities and make informed decisions.

Webinars and Presentations

S&P participates with its staff in events organized by the Italian Community and by schools and universities.

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