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Prague real estate consultancy

Savino & Partners' real estate services area can provide a wide range of services to individuals and businesses

The Real Estate Services Area is aimed at individuals and companies, bodies and institutions. Savino & Partners collaborates with other companies in the group and with industry experts to guarantee the highest quality. Among the services offered there is the analysis of tax impacts and contractual consultancy on property purchase and sale operations and renovation, property valuation and contact with experts, property management and maintenance, agency activity real estate, escrow account management and collection operations.

Prague real estate consultancy

Attention to detail

The services to clients in the real estate area concern:</p><li>Identification of real estate development projects, in the Czech Republic and in other countries, to be presented to groups of investors </li><li>Scouting and evaluation of potential real estate sales in the Czech Republic</li><li>Coordination of the provision of notary and planning services, with trusted professionals</li><li>Assessment of management and maintenance needs of properties owned by clients</li ><p>

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Prague real estate consultancy

The Real Estate Services Area of Savino & Partners is able to provide a wide range of real estate consultancy and management services, both for individuals and businesses

Our group is also a real estate agency specializing in sales and rentals, including tourism, and guarantees maximum professionalism in the management of condominium relationships and relations with tenants. In particular, condominium management represents a service of fundamental importance, as it allows you to resolve any disputes and guarantee the correct performance of technical, administrative and accounting aspects.

Finally, the Real Estate and Insurance Services Area also deals with the management of collection and payment operations on behalf of customers, guaranteeing complete transparency and reliability in the management of financial flows. Thanks to its experience and expertise, Savino & Partners represents an ideal partner for anyone who needs advice and support in property management.

The company specializes in assistance for the purchase and renovation of properties, investment evaluations and feasibility studies, offering complete and professional tax and contractual consultancy.

Furthermore, the Real Estate Services Area also deals with the management and maintenance of the properties, guaranteeing careful attention to detail and constant supervision of the quality of the services offered.

Tax and contractual consultancy

Savino & Partners offers tax and contractual consultancy for purchase transactions, property renovations, investment evaluations and feasibility studies, to help clients manage their businesses efficiently and in compliance with the law.

Intermediation on projects

The Savino & Group Partners coordinates real estate investment projects in the Czech Republic, Italy and other countries, with the aim of bringing interested investors together on the same project.

Maintenance monitoring

The Savino & Group Partners can manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of clients’ properties, including cleaning, sourcing emergency service providers and other needs.

Real estate agency

The Savino & Group Partners offers real estate agency services for sales and rentals, including tourism, to help customers manage their real estate activities.

Condominium management

The Savino & Group Partners offers condominium and tenant relationship management services, to ensure adequate management of clients’ properties and a correct relationship with their tenants.

Management of collection operations

The Savino & Group Partners can manage collection and payment transactions on behalf of clients, to simplify the management of their financial activities and ensure constant cash flow.

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